• Olympic Mountain Fog30"x12" On a return trip from Pacific coast I captured photos of the mountains covered in fog. The pictures were used in my studio to recreate the beautiful scene.
  • Foggy ValleyOil on Canvas, 16 x12” A river of fog flows down a forested valley.
  • Artist PaletteOil on Canvas, 48" x 24" While exploring Death Valley National Park, I was captivated by the beauty of the area known as the Artist Palette. In this painting, I tried to include the brilliant variety of colors and textures mainly using a painting knife.
  • Waiting for the StormOil on Canvas, 16”x20” A lone sparrow rests in a field of wildflowers as a spring storms builds in the distance.
  • Toddy PalmsOil on Canvas 16" x 20" While in India, I became fascinated with the vivid greens of the rice fields. This is a typical rural south Indian scene where the toddy palms grow randomly. The palms are tapped to produce a cherished alcoholic beverage.
  • Bad WaterOil and Salt on Canvas, 30" x 48" In Death Valley far below sea level this barren salt flats reveal itself to be the bottom of an ancient lake. I created this painting using a very limited palette and common table salt.
  • DriftwoodOil on Canvas, 45" x 15" My main focus on this painting was the textures of the various elements that compose a landscape of Discovery Park in Seattle.
  • Morning MeetupOil on Canvas, 16”x12” Every morning the neighborhood crows gather to preen their feathers and chat.
  • Rainy DayOil on Canvas, 18”x24” A rainy day in Discovery Park in Seattle. One can imagine the rain falling on this gloomy day.
  • Foggy MountainsOil on Canvas, 11”x14” Fog fills the valleys on a chilly day in the Cascade mountains.
  • Texas SunriseOil on Canvas, 11”x14” A few bare trees witness a chilly spring sunrise in north Texas.
  • Puyallup SunriseOil on Canvas, 14”x11” Various colors fill the sky on a beautiful Washington sunrise.
  • Skagit ValleyOil on Canvas, 20”x16” Rows of tulips signal the arrival of spring in Washington State’s Skagit Valley.
  • The Monsoon BuildsOil on Canvas, 16”x20” The clouds build and the sky darkens in South India. The Monsoon has arrived bringing life giving rains and much needed relief from the summer heat.
  • Rice Patty  and CranesOil on Canvas, 11”x14” Two cranes search for a meal in a rice patty in India.
  • Texas Sunrise 2Oil on Canvas, 14"x11" A beautiful sunrise in north Texas.
  • Foggy Mountains 2Oil on Canvas, 20”x20” Forest filled hills are separated by a thick layer of fog. Its another beautiful day in the Cascade mountains.
  • Greener PasturesOil on Canvas, 24”x18” Sheep graze along giant evergreen trees on a summer day.
  • Mountain FogOil on Canvas, "30X24” A drive through the Cascade Mountains on a rainy day inspired this painting. This begain my obsession with mountains and fog, now one of my favorite subjects to paint.
  • High Plains DrifterOil on Canvas, 24"x30" The subject observes the viewer in this landscape of the old west.
Olympic Mountain Fog1 Foggy Valley2 Artist Palette3 Waiting for the Storm4 Toddy Palms5 Bad Water6 Driftwood7 Morning Meetup8 Rainy Day9 Foggy Mountains10 Texas Sunrise11 Puyallup Sunrise12 Skagit Valley13 The Monsoon Builds14 Rice Patty  and Cranes15 Texas Sunrise 216 Foggy Mountains 217 Greener Pastures18 Mountain Fog19 High Plains Drifter20

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