• Mt Rainier at SunriseOil on Canvas, 24”x36” One of many beautiful sunrises I’ve witness of Mt. Rainier. I mainly focused on texture in this piece building a thick impasto painting on the canvas.
  • Sunset in BlueOil on Canvas, 16”x20” The main focus of this painting is texture. I painted this from photos I had taken close to Mount Rainier one summer evening.
  • Lighthouse at Discovery ParkOil on Canvas, 30” x 40” As in my painting titled “Drift Wood”, this second painting of discovery park main focus is texture. I mainly used painting knives to complete this piece.
  • Sunset in Pink 3Oil on Canvas, 16”x20” A pink colored sunset and trees is painting in a thick impasto style.
  • Washington SunsetOil on Canvas 16” x 20” While driving one evening through Auburn in Washington, I witnessed a spectacular sunset. I created this piece hoping to remember that moment forever.
  • Mt RainierOil on Canvas 30" x 24" On my first visit to Seattle I was greeted by the impressive sight of Mt. Rainier from the airplane. This view is from above the clouds, as one would experience in airplane. This painting was created using painting knives using impasto techniques.
Mt Rainier at Sunrise1 Sunset in Blue2 Lighthouse at Discovery Park3 Sunset in Pink 34 Washington Sunset5 Mt Rainier6

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